UK Oracle User Group Conference Opening Keynote:
Oracle Cloud – A Platform and a Path to Cloud

By Steve Daheb, Senior Vice President for Oracle Cloud, Oracle

There is a generational shift going on right now in organisations around the world. In my opening keynote at Apps17, I’ll be discussing how cloud is changing and disrupting all kinds of different industries. It’s happening at an incredible speed, so what can you and your business do to grab these transformative opportunities with both hands and not get left behind?

I’ll be talking about the Oracle differentiation, about finding a path to cloud that preserves existing investment while meeting your future needs. In particular I’ll be addressing the challenge of how we provide a path that’s optimised for you including what functions you should move to cloud now, and which ones you should schedule for later.

I’ll also be speaking about how we can help you innovate. Approximately 80% of IT spend goes to maintenance, which drastically limits the amount you’re able to allocate to innovation. Cloud enables you to flip that, to change the pace of innovation in your organisation by changing the economics of innovation.
With cloud, you can reduce on-going costs and embrace the flexibility of pay as you go, shifting money to innovative functionality such a big data and machine learning. Every industry has its own unique challenges but a good start could be in being smarter in the way you engage with partners, customers and employees through data and analytics.

Seize the day

Emerging technology has a huge amount of promise. The cloud gives us the opportunity to deliver this promise, to redefine the way people work and live. At Oracle, we have taken the likes of artificial intelligence, Chatbox, machine learning and automated data management, and integrated that functionality into Apps you can use today.

For example, the NHS is using Oracle advanced analytics and embedded machine learning to analyse millions of records in minutes. This is important work in providing medical services that best meet the needs of the UK. It’s not just about improvements in speed; the NHS projects that it will save £1 billion over five years by this move to the cloud.

The real world

Here at Oracle, we take a holistic view of all the different layers of cloud - infrastructure, services, apps, etc - as well as how it all connects with the outside world.

I also understand that your journey is different to everyone else’s, including where you’re starting from. I’ll be showing you how there’s a path from any starting point and taking in the benefits of different types of clouds along the way.

Finally, I’ll be using lots of examples of organisations in diverse industries, from start-ups to enterprises, who are now able to increase innovation thanks to the benefits of the cloud. Each of their journeys is unique, using different aspects of cloud technology to get them to the place they need to be - I’m sure you’ll hear a story that will resonate with you.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Steve Daheb is Senior Vice President for Oracle Cloud; he is responsible for driving the global transformation and growth of key Oracle Cloud portfolio offerings including all PaaS and IaaS. His responsibilities include full go-to-market strategy and execution to achieve top-line growth of Oracle's cloud business.

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