Presentation Title: Opensource Development Using OpenXava & Mysql for Charity Evidence for Development
Speaker: Mr David Brown
Company: Evidence for Development
Co-presenter: Dai Clegg - Evidence for Development
Presentation abstract: The charity 'Evidence for Development' have a complex economic model designed to provide accurate measures of income, poverty and access to food and other basic needs within African villages. The model is now widely and effectively used for vulnerability monitoring and humanitarian responses. The software development using OpenXava and MySql is designed to allow for local support and maintenance and further local software development work. The data entry screens and database design are extensible. The aim of the latest project is to create a database model, data entry screens and intelligence platform to allow greater support of relief efforts across larger areas, combining data and lessons from a much larger dataset. This presentation will cover the aims of Evidence for Development and the creation of the latest data entry and reporting platform.

Presentation begins: 06/12/2017 15:15
Presentation duration: 50
Presentation content level: 3 (1 = indepth, 5 = strategic overview)
Audience experience: All Experience Levels
Audience function: Customer/Senior Manager, Functional Manager, Oracle, Partner, Product Expert, Product User
Speaker biography: David Brown has been working with database technology for over 30 years. His technology career began during the London banking big bang era, writing software for trading systems and integrating applications with live data feeds. David moved on to join Oracle UK and held a variety of roles including internal systems, post-sales, pre-sales and product management, mostly covering Oracle development tool technology such as Oracle Forms, CASE products and middleware. He presented across the world on Oracle development tool subjects and received several awards for his presentations and involvement in Oracle Usergroups. Since leaving Oracle in 2005 David spent 5 years at SAP and worked in several startups. David is now working with Auraplayer, based out of London, helping Oracle customers with their development tool roadmap. His most recent challenge is working with Oracle's Mobile Cloud Service and the all new Intelligent Bot service.
Related topics: Development: Development Practices
Hall: Hall 11B