Presentation Title: Oracle RAC 12c Release 2 – What’s Next?
Speaker: Mr Markus Michalewicz
Company: Oracle
Presentation abstract: Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) 12c Release 2 came with a variety of new features. The ability to run database instances on Leaf-nodes as well as a new Cluster Domain-based installation are only two examples of the new functionality that was introduced with the latest release of Oracle RAC. At the same time, the Autonomous Health Framework (AHF), which includes the new Cluster Health Advisor (CHA), were introduced. A year after its introduction and in the advent of the first patch set, this sessions discusses Oracle RAC best practices based on customer use cases and experience gathered over the last year. In addition, it will provide an outlook on what to expect in the latest generation of Oracle RAC after the main architectural changes have already been introduced.
Presentation begins: 04/12/2017 09:00
Presentation duration: 50
Presentation content level: 2 (1 = indepth, 5 = strategic overview)
Audience experience: Intermediate
Audience function: Customer/Senior Manager, Functional Manager, Partner, Product Expert, Product User
Speaker biography: Markus Michalewicz is a Senior Director with Oracle America and manages the Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) product management (PM) team, which is part of Oracle RAC and Database Server Technology development. His team is responsible for technologies such as Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM), Oracle Clusterware, Oracle Quality of Service Management (QoS), Autonomous Health Framework (AHF) as well as the Oracle RAC and Oracle RAC One Node options. Working with Oracle’s Sales, Sales Consulting, Consulting and Support organizations as well as customers and partners, he and his team position the Oracle RAC Family of Solutions as a universal, database high availability and scalability solution and the underlying infrastructure for DBaaS environments.
Related topics: Database: 12c Database, Database: HA/MA, Database: Infrastructure, Database: Management & Administration
Hall: Hall 10A

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