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Solving the Most Common User Request .... Make it go Faster!

Chris Saxon, Connor McDonald & Maria Colgan - Oracle

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Community Keynote Session Details;

Presentation abstract: Database architectures are constantly changing due to new technologies and new requirements, from hierarchical to relational, object-relational, NoSQL, document, XML, binary, graph, ... the list is endless. Yet throughout this landscape of change, one goal has remained common throughout, and it's a very simple one:  "Can you make my program go faster?".  From indexes to In-Memory, execution plans to Exadata, optimizers to options, compression to complexities, three Oracle technologists, will using real world examples, to cover the vast array of facilities and techniques at our disposal to meet this time honoured goal.

Presentation begins:  04/12/2017 15:25
Presentation duration:  45 minutes

Speaker biography: 

Chris Saxon: An Oracle Developer Advocate for SQL. His job is to help you get the best out of the Oracle Database and have fun with SQL!
To help you with this he blogs at All Things SQL. He also creates videos combining SQL and magic on YouTube at The Magic of SQL.
If you have questions about working with Oracle Database technology, please reach out to him. You can do this via Twitter or on Ask Tom.

Connor McDonald: A former Oracle ACE Director who has joined the Oracle Developer Advocates Team. Over the past 25 years, he has worked with systems in Australia, the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, and the United States. He has co-authored three books and has been a popular speaker at Oracle conferences around the world, specializing in topics regarding the database engine and PL/SQL. He has three times won the Best Speaker award by the UK Oracle User Group, and was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award by the UKOUG in 2016.

Maria Colgan: A master product manager at Oracle Corporation and has been with the company since version 7.3 was released in 1996. Maria’s core responsibility is creating material and lectures on the Oracle Database and the best practices for incorporating it into your environments. She is also responsible for getting the feedback from our customers and partners incorporated into future releases of the product
Prior to this role; she was the product manager for Oracle Database In-Memory and the Oracle Database query optimizer.  Maria is the primary author of the SQLMaria blog and a contributing author to the Oracle Optimizer blog and the Oracle Database Developer blog

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Presentation duration: 15 minutes

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